Bolgen (The Wave) (2015) in english with english subtitles

Bolgen (The Wave) (2015) in english with english subtitles

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    Movie Bolgen (The Wave) (2015) in HD with english subtitles

  • Sinopsis of this movie:
  • Based on the fact that mountain pass Åkneset, located in the Geiranger fjord in Norway, one day will fall out and create a violent tsunami of over 80 meters that will crush everything in its path before it hits land in Geiranger. A geologist gets caught in the middle of it and a race against against time begins.

  • Director: Roar Uthaug
  • Actors: Thomas Bo Larsen, Kristoffer Joner, Ane Dahl Torp, Fridtjov Såheim
  • Duration: 104 min
  • Imdb Rating: 6.7 / 10
  • Production: N/A
  • -Visits: 9029
  • -Updated: 06-Apr-2016

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